For the Love of Coffee

Ever wonder what makes Red Eye Roastery's coffee different from everyone else's?

We'll let you in on a little secret....just about everything!

We started this company because we love coffee so dearly, and we have had a fun time crafting each roast to showcase each bean's flavor profile to the fullest. We simply could not glaze over providing superior quality for the promise of higher profits.

You know the old adage in the computer world, "Garbage in, garbage out"?

Well, we've heard it before, too, and we took that saying to heart. While we use some of the best roasting equipment on the market, so do some other coffee roasters out there. The main difference between us and them is the input. At Red Eye Roastery, we ensure that the starting product going into the roaster is premium input, so that we can yield a premium output.

We proudly select the finest quality green coffee beans, sourced from small farms that promise an excellent product. Sometimes that means paying double, triple, or even quadruple what some of our competitors are willing to pay for green coffee beans! This increased cost favors superior freshness and supports smaller farms with sustainable harvesting practices.

Did you know that it is a perfectly acceptable industry practice to roast green coffee beans that were harvested one to two years ago?

We're not here to judge the practice of other companies --- we are simply stating that old coffee doesn't stack up to our high standards. When we first started product development, we tried a wide variety of green coffee beans and found that the fresher the green bean, the better the flavor that emerges after roasting. Plain and simple, every time. That's why we always choose the most recent harvest date available for beans that meet our stringent selection metrics.

Because we are a small-batch roastery, we are also able to do a quality check by hand before tossing our beans in to be roasted. This allows us to catch any defective-looking beans that might alter the flavor of the roast before going into the roasting drum --- ensuring optimal flavor when the roast is completed.

Last, but certainly not least, all of our coffee is roasted to order. At Red Eye Roastery, your coffee is delivered or shipped to you within 24 hours of being roasted. This direct-to-consumer model ensures you are getting the freshest, best-tasting coffee possible!

Coffee that sits on warehouse shelves (sometimes for months!) before being delivered to a grocery store where it sits again waiting to be purchased loses its freshness and flavor. Even just a few weeks can make a big difference! By the time you purchase the grocery store bag of coffee to bring home, its best and boldest flavor has often waned, leaving you with a less-than-optimal product.

We drink our own coffee daily because we truly feel that it is the best. We've even had others choose our coffee 6 to 1 in a blind taste test! But you don't have to take our word for it. See for yourself why Red Eye Roastery should be a staple in your pantry! Check out our current selection of coffee here.

Save money and get coffee regularly delivered to your door when you sign up for our monthly subscription!

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